• Forgotten


    The first question in my village is
    “Do you remember me?”
    The biggest offense is saying no
    The easiest lie is saying yes

    It makes sense
    Who are you if no one knows you,
    if no one remembers you

    But death comes for us all
    Us and those who remembered us
    We all go from dust to dust

    You may or may not be ready
    to be forgotten
    But can you live like you will be?

  • Bedridden


    Don’t underestimate the system,
    the surroundings
    You’re just its manifestation
    Obsessed with convenience and productivity
    Your own values seem bedridden
    Their last will forgotten

    Were they ever alive or was it just an illusion?

  • No Parachutes

    No Parachutes

    Bad news, you’re free falling, nothing to hold on to, no parachutes
    Good news, there’s no ground

    You can relax, there’s no danger
    But you don’t believe it

    You keep flailing
    You keep searching for parachutes
    You forget to look down again

    What will it take to stop the desperation?