My hope is to use my head, heart, and hands to help create a compassionate world that recognizes suffering and works to relieve that suffering. I hope to help create an equitable world that recognizes human dignity and allows every individual to realize joy and serenity.

My Purpose

I’m a river that carries people on a journey towards a shared destiny of a more compassionate, equitable, and dignified humanity.

I use the following pillars to contribute  my voice to this world:

1. Learn & Grow:  I believe I will achieve meaningful change in the world with my ability to continually grow and evolve. I feel energized by the process of learning, understanding a new subject matter, and then applying it in my life.

2. Connect:  I believe a commitment to personal relationships is the only way to experience the depth of love, hope, and joy. I believe in an interconnected humanity and I believe that our world suffers from a lack of compassion. The greatest injustice that exists is disproportionate suffering experienced by people due to a society that was not designed for the diversity of life.

3. Create: I believe in seeking and understanding the truth and implementing innovative ideas to make change. I believe we are always in an imagination battle. I feel joy when I achieve an understanding of reality, and I transform an inspiration to impact.