My Manifesto

I believe that life

  • demands us to create a vessel of love, by treating people with radiant kindness and boundless compassion
  • asks us to treat each person with dignity, respect their histories, celebrate their joys and honor their hopes
  • needs us to be equitable and hold space for all of us to thrive no matter who we are, where we live
  • requires us to be proximate to others to recognize and relieve their suffering

To create that world

  • we need reason, intuition and tradition
  • we build our tapestry of truth because truth is an element each of us holds, but none hold entirely.
  • we accept the world as it is, before fighting for a world that could be
  • we understand faith, hope, love cannot exist without doubt, despair and pain
  • we acknowledge hopelessness is the enemy of justice and appreciate hope is a choice
  • we admit that we are stewards of our delicate world

I make change

  • by leading with curiosity and a spirit experimentation, but a constancy of purpose
  • by efficiently and continuously learning to develop clarity, cultivate excellence and nurture creativity
  • by being a deliberate amateur and being open to the unknown and uncomfortable
  • by responding to challenges and uncertainty, not merely reacting
  • by using a lattice of frameworks in a world that is intricately interconnected and bewildering complicated
  • by recognizing that it requires my mind, my heart and my hands to process, distill and solve problems

And I remind myself

  • To forgive when I make mistakes, as an act of self-compassion and radical acceptance. And begin again
  • To be mindful because awareness can’t be lost only forgotten.
  • To build relationships and community because joy cannot be explained, it can only be realized
  • To know love by being known, accepting my imperfections and recognizing my transience in this world
  • To see that life is a training ground for love, presence and connectedness.
  • To be enough, come as I am and face life courageously and gracefully
  • To turn to gratitude and wonder, when in doubt